Senior Care

Our caregivers are very dedicated to their clients. They offer them companionship and conversation as well as tending to their daily needs.  They help them to monitor their medications and give reminders if necessary.  In general, they do their upmost to give a sense of well being to their clients.

Seniors and Seasonal Depression

Depression can affect both senior men and women.  During the winter months some people experience seasonal affective disorder commonly known as SAD.  Some say that SAD or the winter blues may be caused by the body’s reaction to lack of sunlight and can stop us from functioning normally on a daily basis.  Some symptoms of SAD can be irritability, weight gain, constant sadness, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating and change in eating habits.

Some tips that may be helpful in coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder are:

Increase your exposure to sunlight by keeping your curtains and blinds open. Place a comfortable chair by a sunny window and sit and enjoy as much of the sunlight as possible.  Phoning a friend or family member can do wonders to lift your spirits when you need someone to talk to.  Try keeping a daily routine and spend more time outdoors. Adding some physical activity such as walking, getting exercise and fresh air can help to clear your mind and keep the feelings of depression away.

These are some suggestions that could be helpful if you are experiencing any of the negative feelings listed above. If these feelings persist for long periods of time it is important that you consult your health care professional.  Depression is not a weakness or a condition that can be wished away, but with the right help it can be successfully treated.

Seniors: Benefits of Healthy Eating, Fresh Air and Exercise

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